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Inventory of Sculpture

If you will be participating in the next Sculpture in the Park show, please complete the web form below and click Submit at the bottom of the page to send the information to LHPAC. You will receive a copy of the information you submitted via email soon thereafter. All information must be received by July 13, 2017. Changes only can be made until July 25, 2017.

Artist Information            

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Please enter the following names as you would like them to appear on your nametags at the show. The artist's Representative must be 18 years of age or older in order to receive an artist representative nametag. Only the person whose name is printed on the artist representative nametag can use it.

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Artist Representative #2 is reserved for artists who donate to the Silent Auction.

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If you wish to purchase an Artist Representative nametag, you may do so by contacting the office.

Special Requirements

Do you need access to electricity for fountain pumps or lighting that is integral to a piece (ie. neon signs)?
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    Note: We do not allow general display lighting or electricity for other uses.
Do you have large pieces that need to be displayed outdoors?
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If yes, how many large pieces?
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Will you need assistance from the forklifts for any pieces?
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If yes, how many pieces?
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    Note: We have forklifts available to move heavy pieces, but we do not have cranes.
Do you have any flat pieces (reliefs, etc.) that require a wall for display?
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If you require a wall, we have two wall display solutions:

  • For smaller pieces, we fabricate a particle board backdrop and attach it to one of our pedestals. These backdrops are 16” wide and up to 60" tall. We can attach 2 of these backdrops together if you need a wider space. And, we can attach the backdrop to the pedestal at any level in order to create whatever height you need. These backdrops are to be used for hanging pieces only and not as a background to pieces that sit on a pedestal.
How many of these small 16” wide backdrops do you need?
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  • For larger pieces or for hanging multiple pieces, we provide up to two 8’ x 4’ wall structures which are attached to the inside perimeter walls of the tent.
How many of these 8’ x 4’ wall units do you need?
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Do you have any other special needs? If so, please specify:
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***It is helpful to our set-up crews if you send pictures of any large or heavy pieces (>2000lbs.) and drawings or diagrams of any special mounting needs.***

Sculpture Information

Note: Please do not use quotes in your sculpture titles.

Piece #
Sculpture Title Medium§ Price (in $) Take Orders Year

§The mediums are generic due to limited space. If your medium does not fit in one of these categories, please email us.

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